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Our services work in support of the achievement of SDGs 2030 in the context of the “Global Agenda for Local Action” and our customer’s needs

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Airborne payload: MiloSAR

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Airborne payload: MiloSAR


Tx Power: Radiates less than 10 mW.


Range resolution better than 1 m.


Swaths 1 km.


Fully polarimetric.


Cloud based processing chain.


Geocoded data.


Mass sub 10 kg.


Has X Band capability.


Tx: S Band (2.5 GHz) imaging radar.


Rx: Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) sensor.

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Earth Observation Data providers

We challenge all difficulties in satellite imaging and deploy its technologies to provide highly reliable EO data to enable governments, organizations, and businesses to have faster and better decisions. We provide a wide range of EO data; optical, SAR, True Color Image, False Color Urban, and MSAVI2.


Space mission design and consulting services

Conduct space mission architecture studies

SARsat Arabia provides rapid turnaround prephase A and phase A concept definition studies to aid in the decision-making process for new launch vehicle programs. Our team uses a
proven set of tools to provide customers with
many different levels of architecture.

Preliminary Analysis; proof of concept

At SARSAT Arabia, we create a preliminary design
and project plan as a proof of concept specifying
what to build, when to launch, the course the
spacecraft is to take, what is to be done during
cruise, when the spacecraft will reach the target,
and what operations will be carried out.

Mission Concept Review

SARsat Arabia helps its customers by validating that the mission has clearly established needs, objectives, and top-level functional/performance
requirements, and that at least one way of
conducting the proposed mission is realistic and
attainable within existing or projected technology
and ROM cost.

Orbit Design and optimization

Our team at SARsat Arabia seeks to help our clients to design the orbit that should be used to
accomplish the space mission, monitor flight paths, and improve performance to obtain the best expected output.

System Engineering

At SARsat Arabia, we carry out design, development and verification processes that ensure that the space system can be considered as an integrated system capable of achieving the goals of the space mission in accordance with acceptable programming and technical frameworks, where in this process many
technologies and sciences are integrated.

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Data types

A beautiful agricultural half green half yellow grass field shot with a drone

True Color Image

A true colour image is a combination of red, green, and blue bands. The results have been pansharpened where possible.


False Color Urban

A false colour urban composite image is a combination of short wave infrared 1 (SWIR1), short wave infrared 2 (SWIR2), and red bands. It is often used to track urban sprawl and identify areas at risk of flooding.

Farmer standing in a rice field with a tablet.


Second Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI2) developed by Qi et al. (1994) is a radiometric index using the near-infrared and red bands. MSAVI2 images are often used to look at vegetation cover, biomass and to determine leaf area index. They can also be used as an input layer for mapping land cover or vegetation classes


data analysis

At SARsat Arabia, we are exploiting the recent great developments in Machine Learning Algorithms, which are effective tools for analyzing satellite images and obtaining better and more relevant information. These algorithms can be used to build models and obtain information from available data. Also, with the help of these algorithms, we can link satellite images with available data from other resources in complex processes to obtain the final human interpretation more quickly and easily. These algorithms are able to scan huge amounts of satellite images data to build models capable of extracting properties, monitoring changes and predicting upcoming events with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Case Study

Detecting Oil Spills
from Space

Hazard assessment of oil spills along the main shipping lane in the Red Sea
Hazard assessment of oil spills along the main shipping lane in the Red Sea

Case Study

Detecting Oil Spills from Space

Applications of SAR

There are many applications that SARsat Arabia can support its customers through in both the government and private sectors by enabling the data it provides to them to make more meaningful decisions.

Integrate supervision and intelligence into your projects by processing SAR data to Monitor Oil Pipelines, Monitor Fracking, Support Offshore Exploration, and Detect Dark Vessel for Energy Sector.

Efficient resource planning and enhanced mining operations’ safety  based on information derived from SAR data to develop 3D Volumetric Mapping & Measurement Tools and Monitor Mining Activity, Tailing Dam Integrity, Surface Water Extent, and Ground Subsidence.

Reliable and frequently provided SAR data for security use cases across the country as Dark Vessel Detection, Border Monitoring, Production Site Activity Monitoring, Port Activity Monitoring, Aircraft Change & Classification, and Railway Activity Monitoring.

 Recent SAR data for parametric insurance, claim and loss adjustment, and risk reduction in situations such as Urban Flood Monitoring, Agricultural Flood Monitoring, Property Damage Estimation, Property Assessment, and Infrastructure Integrity Monitoring.

Improved decisions based on accurate SAR imagery in Crude Oil Storage Estimation, Stockpile Volume Monitoring, Vehicle Count Monitoring, and Vessel Draught Estimation.

Regular SAR data for improved regulations and public safety by Studying New Construction Patterns, Monitoring Forestry and Agriculture, Monitoring Infrastructure Integrity, and Reducing Landslide Risk.

Act on the latest and comprehensive environmental SAR data in every region and season, which helps farmers understand crop health from pre-season to harvest and farm operations in a more efficient, profitable and sustainable manner.

SAR data of ongoing surveillance for water areas  to improve the safety and efficiency of maritime operations as in Vessel Detection, AIS Validation, and Wave Height & Wind Estimation.

Providing change detection insights of successive SAR imagery for Special Forces For Environmental Security to help them to identify illegal activities of deforestation.